A Beginners Guide to Sump Pump Repairs

A rainy day can quickly turn into a nightmare for homeowners that have to deal with flooded basements. But if you have a sump pump at home, the day can be saved without your home sustaining any damage. 

Sump pumps are essential devices that quickly move water from the basement and out of your home. Perhaps your home already has one of these devices. It’s pretty reassuring if you have one. But at the same time, maintaining and repairing your sump pump if it runs into any issues is essential. 

Fortunately, sump pump repairs aren’t all that difficult. Read on to learn how to make handy repairs to your water-draining device. 

Clean the Float

The float has a ball-shaped structure and is an essential part of the sump pump. As water levels rise in the basement, so does the float. After reaching a certain height, the pump kicks into action. But if debris is accumulated on your float, it might not rise, causing the device to malfunction. Simply clearing out all the debris will ensure your float stays in working condition. 

Test Your Check Valve

Your sump pump is stored inside a pit. If you pour water into the pit and find it returning, your check valve could be the cause. In most cases, debris is the culprit. If you clean the debris from the check valve, your pump should work fine, and the water will move instead of returning. However, if the valve is causing problems even after cleaning, you might have to replace it entirely. 

Check Your Power Supply

It’s pretty common to forget to plug your sump pump after unplugging it. But if you’ve plugged it in and it still isn’t working, there might be an issue with your power supply. 

Check the circuit breaker, wiring, and fuse. If there are any issues with any of these, you might have to get them fixed professionally. But if everything seems fine and your pump still isn’t working, you might need to replace it entirely. 

This typically happens when your sump pump has passed its lifetime. In most cases, these pumps can only serve you for 10 years. 

Sump Pump Repairs with Heartland Plumbing 

Not sure what the problem is with your sump pump, even after a detailed inspection? Let the pros take a look. Reach out to Heartland Plumbing, and we will find the root cause of the problem and make all the necessary repairs and replacements needed. Call us at (281) 789-4722 to schedule an appointment today.