What Impurities Does a Water Softener System Remove?

Water softener system

Many households nowadays have a water softener system installed. These systems can effectively turn hard water into soft water. Soft water is used for various household reasons, including drinking, but that’s a matter of preference. 

So, what sort of impurities does this system remove? Keep reading the blog post to learn more.  

What Is a Water Softener System? 

A water softener system, also known as an ion exchange unit, consists of filtration units that turn hard water into soft water. Hard water is the normal water in your home’s pipelines and has many impurities that are hazardous to your health. Water softeners remove these impurities through different methods to soften the water and make it more useful for household chores. 

These systems mainly exchange the positively charged minerals, calcium, and magnesium, in hard water with another positively charged chemical: sodium. 

What Impurities Do Water Softeners Remove? 

Calcium and magnesium are two of the most common minerals found in excessive amounts in water. These impurities are hazardous for our health and appliances around the home that use water, such as washing machines. Calcium and magnesium deposit themselves on the appliances, which can decrease the device’s functionality. 

Many falsely believe that a water softener system deprives them of essential minerals. However, that’s not the case. The calcium and magnesium required for our body’s proper functioning are found in our diet. The minerals found in hard water are impure and dangerous for our bodies. 

Is Soft Water Salty?

Another common belief regarding soft water is that it contains excessive amounts of sodium; therefore, it’s salty. 

While it’s true that soft water contains raised sodium content, it doesn’t contain Sodium Chloride, which is a common salt compound. Hence, soft water isn’t salty but hard as other impurities exist. 

Some people prefer the taste of hard water. Thus, you’ll find plenty of individuals using only water softeners to purify their home’s water. However, please remember that a water softener isn’t a water purifier. Therefore, the soft water you get from a water softener system still isn’t entirely pure. 

Do Water Softeners Remove Chlorine? 

As discussed, a water softener system only removes excess calcium and magnesium content from the water. However, if you want to remove chlorine from your water, you’d require an additional water purifier. 

Chlorides, fluorides, and other similar negatively charged ions can’t be replaced by positively charged sodium. 

Heartland Plumbing Offers Comprehensive Solutions for Your Water Treatment Needs

A water softener can be highly beneficial if you want a soft water supply around the house. Whether you drink this soft water or employ it for other purposes is entirely your choice. 

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